It will be great when all is in place!

Things may have settled down from testing, but the technology rollout is still in full swing and will be throughout the summer.  Yes, we are going through growing pains, but come August we hope to have most of it complete.  What do you ask is going on?  By August, we should have a completely new technology infrastructure, including new web servers, new media server, new routers, new main switches (not classroom switches), new IP scheme, new student accounts.  This will be in addition to: the 1400 new computers we have received to replace all of our Win 95 and 98 machines, the 100 nComputing setups which will allow 300 more student stations, the new End of Course classroom labs at all high schools, the new mobile labs for each school that should be arriving this week!  Did I forget to mention the licenses and upgrades for the MS Office suite for ALL computers until 2011, and additional licenses for Inspiration, Kidspiration and more!  We have also started the conversion of our antivirus for our desktops, as well as the recent installation of the email filter and firewall. And there is still more … 100 Promethean boards, Streaming server, video conferencing, audio and video editing tools and more … did I mention increase in network speed: 100 Mbps to each school and 30 Mbps to the Internet!  Last, but not least, the technology professional development to make all of this work! 

I look forward to the calm cool days of November … by then … this should all be reality!  Oh … and I even forgot to mention the laser and color laser printers … Cecil Picard Elem, we haven’t forgotten … we’ll be on our way soon!

Mobile Labs from CHEVRON!

Equipment for our mobile labs have begun arriving at our schools!  Most of the carts and extra batteries were delivered this past week.  The laptops should be arriving within a week or so!  The extra battery will allow us to use the laptops all day long with a complete charge.  We will need to remember to charge them every night so that the next person using the cart of laptops will have laptops that are fully charged and can run all day.  The laptops will also come with our image of usual software already loaded.  However they must be configured to join the domain and must be configured for the printer and internet.  Please do not use the laptops until that has been done.  Your principal or technology specialist will let you know when they are ready and what will need to be done to check them out.

These mobile labs are part of the grant from Chevron’s donation of $2 million.  Also purchased with Chevron’s grant were the projectors for all of our classrooms, the science cart and equipment for all of our schools and new servers and switches to be finalized this summer for the beginning of next school year. 

Biting the Bullet

I am not one who likes to write a lot, but I feel I need to bite the bullet and take advantage of some of these wonderful technologies that are available to us for free!  I have created this blog to keep all stakeholders informed on what is going on in Vermilion Parish Schools in relation to educational technology.  I encourage all of you to comment and join in any discussion.  Of course, you will hear my side of the story … I would also like to hear your side … from the viewpoint of teachers, administrators, students, parents and community.  So feel free to comment and join our discussions!